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Aironautica is a company that strives to continuously break the standards and push the limits to provide the most efficient and economic services possible. We have created a platform that allows both parties, businesses and workforce, to connect and form relationships that can provide endless opportunities to expand new horizons.


In today’s new market staffing there is a need to inform businesses, enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs of the vast advantages drones provide to fulfill our everyday needs. This market is estimated to grow to 63.6 billions by 2025. We see many opportunities for a qualified, certified and professional workforce that can meet this demand, and want to be the liaison between businesses that realize how much they can advance with this technology and connect them with a wide selection of candidates.


We are a family owned recruitment agency specializing in ushering in the drone era. We saw the need to lower unemployment by providing education and Covid free career options in this exciting up and coming market.


We believe we can make a change, we feel the passion and commitment to future generations, retirees and all of those in between. We feel the same commitment towards our environment and believe in cleaner air and oceans and we are sure that drones will be of great help. We believe that attracting the right people and maintaining a motivated workforce is crucial for the future.


Nady Maioli
Founder & Developer

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Sirena Alvarez
Co Founder & CEO Executive

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Pink triangle vector art

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P.O. Box 9264, Bradenton, FL 34206

Tel: 210-827-7301

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